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THIS is the only place I want to see ice!


What a week!  I do apologize for not getting a newsletter done this week.  I've discovered that it is JUST A BIT harder to get everything done with only 1 arm.  For anyone who missed the newsflash, I fell on black ice on Monday, landed HARD on my right arm but no swelling or bruising, MUCH better on Tuesday, but not any better on Wednesday so got it X-Rayed on Wednesday.  Have a fractured radius (not being a bio major, I took my sister, who IS a bio major, with me), which I couldn't see but Abby could.  Good news, not displaced, no cast, just a sling, but don't even have to use that unless I feel I need it.  All good, right?  Yes, I'm very grateful.  But it is harder to get it all done with 1 arm!  So bear with me ~ I'm figuring it out!


The biggest action right now is gearing up for Nashville ~ that's coming up at the very end of the month.  I'm getting the previews of what's coming on our Nashville Preview page & I am working toward getting you more chatty info too!  Until I get better at one-handed typing, you'll be able to at least see what's coming!  I know I said that last week & I DO mean it!  So, again, hang in there & don't give up on us!


So here's what's new right now!


scattered      i forgot

Country Cottontails - from Scattered Seeds.  Love this design ~ a little primitive, a little Fraktur, a lotta sweet!

I Forgot - from NotForgotten Farm. Love this funny little valentine!


whoo loves    whoo loves

Who Loves You? - from Designs by Lisa.  Grandson?  Granddaughter? Doesn't matter because Grandma loves them all!!


flower cross egg 

Flower Cross Egg - from Frony Ritter.  What a beautiful Easter egg design.   


The next 3 in "Letters from Mermaids" by Mirabilia.  Each one is prettier than the last!




n  o

N                                      O


moon blossom

Moon Flower - from Mirabilia.  There's something about this one that I just love...the baubles hanging from the moon...the sparkling moon, I think it's the elegance & the COLORS of the draping.  Really love this one.



Man Cave - from Heritage Crafts.  This just makes me laugh!  For some reason, it reminds me of the basement at my Mamaw & Papaw's house...except without the cats & with more dogs!!  But the chair?  Definitely!


ccn    by the chimney

Furry Friends - from Country Cottage.  OH SO CUTE!!  Yep, this is my favorite!  This chart won't be out for another week or so, so we'll all have to be patient!

Classic Ornament Collection #7 ~ By The Chimney - from Country Cottage.  I love this one!  What a great job she did with the greenery on the mantel!  This is adorable!  Again, this one won't be out for another week or so.



So that's it for right now!


I'm gonna finish this up & get it on its way.  I'm a bit distracted at the moment, as I've been sucked into watching Rugby 7's this weekend.  Rugby is not a sport I ever watched until I started going to New Zealand.  I think you could safely say that Rugby is "New Zealand's Game" (kinda like baseball is America's game...).  It's like football, but with hotter guys in short shorts.  And 7's is FAST!  7 guys per team, 7 minute halves.  This weekend the world came to America & played in Vegas. 




The US is playing for 3rd place overall ~ not bad considering that most of us have not ever even watched a rugby game here.  They played my All Blacks (New Zealand) earlier & played well (lost 26-12).  New Zealand will play for the title in the last game.  And hopefully, there will be a haka afterward (if you haven't seen a haka, google it ~ it's awesome!!).

More than you wanted to know, I know.  But rugby will be a new sport in the 2016 Olympics, so consider it your lesson for the day!

(Update: US finished 4th, lost to South Africa.  All Blacks finished 2nd, lost to Fiji). 


To all y'all in New England, particularly in Boston where my brother-in-law's family lives, all I can say is...WOW.  Your winter has been hideous!  That is just nonsense!  I don't know how you're doing it.  Hang in there, July is coming....I think.


I say again, thanks so much for your patience with me.


Hugs & stitches ~

Beth & all the 1-armed wonders at TSS