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2016 JCS Christmas Ornament issue

Price: $9.99

A New World Pt. 4 A Visit to Town

Price: $9.98

Bat Brew - Punch needle
Includes weaver's cloth
Price: $12.00

Beach Day- CCN

Price: $8.00

Bead Dazzled

Price: $6.00

Boo Logs - Needlepoint
Some new needlepoint designs to bring a pop of color and some different textures into this coming fall!
Price: $0.00

Color Delights - Kelp
A bit lighter than Boo Logs, and I love the pastels in this needlepoint design!!
Price: $10.00

Country Roads

Price: $20.00

December ~ PS
Another limited edition Prairie Schooler reprint!
Price: $12.00

Dream- Imaginating

Price: $7.00

Freedom Quilt~ NC

Price: $14.00

Full Moon Halloween

Price: $7.00

Garden Club #10: How does the Lily Grow

Price: $9.00

Happy Hearts Rejoice Pinkeep Nest

Price: $12.00

How Does the Lily Grow (#10)

Price: $9.00

Humble Gatherings Pillow Tuck

Price: $12.00

Santas & Snowmen ~ PS
A limited edition reprint from Prairie Schooler!
Price: $12.00

Tis Near Halloween

Price: $10.00
Add Fabric: 40LL River Willow for $18.00
Add Fibers: 6 overdyed for $14.40
Add ALTERNATE FABRIC: 32LL River Willow for $15.00

Token of Spring Pinkeep Drum

Price: $12.00

When Black Cats Prowl

Price: $9.50

When Witches Go Riding
Some limited edition from Prairie Schooler! Although this is an older design, they have a limited amount of reprints for sale!
Price: $12.00

Witch on Duty

Price: $8.00

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